A geek, a laptop, and some spare time.

About Me

The Basics:

Jaime Taglieber

Spoiler Alert: I’m a Geek

My name is Jaime Taglieber.

Shall we run the vitals?

✓ Angie is my amazing wife *Hottie*
✓ Stepfather to four
✓ Grandfather to six seven
✓ Gleefully loved by my Bull Mastiff
✓ Barely tolerated by my two cats

By day, I am a supervisor of software training, as well as a software developer, database administrator, and all around code monkey. By night, I’m a man of a thousand passions, interests, and hobbies. I’m OCD meets ADHD, with just a sprinkle of Zen for color.

I’m the kind of guy that gets equally excited about watching a football game, scripting a solution to a repetitive task, or touring an art museum. I’m a longtime entrepreneur, lifelong humorist, and eternal cynic.

About This Blog:

This site is one part diary, two parts life instruction manual. It’s what all those monkeys with the typewriters put together after they finished warming up with the works of Shakespeare.

This site is a place for me to share, to vent, to explore. Here you’ll find humorous stories and essays, amusing images, fun projects and ideas, and a never-ending list of tips and tricks.

Follow The Geek:

Twitter: @GeekInOhio
Instagram: Instagram.com/geekinohio/

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