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One hero at a time.

AP Photo/Charles Krupa

AP Photo/Charles Krupa

Sometimes small people try to convince you that the world is an ugly, terrifying place. They try to paint it in pain and hate. They want you to buy into it. To believe it. To surrender to it.

Don’t you dare.

This world is an incredible, beautiful place. For every small person peddling hate, there are a thousand giants setting things right. They are quiet, unassuming, and from every walk of life imaginable. And I have never seen them quit. Not once.

On the darkest days, they shine the brightest. And I have no doubt that they’ll save this world. One hero at a time.

Tales of Redneck Love

Love is 100% mullet approved.

Love is 100% mullet approved.

The next time you feel like your love life just isn’t going the way you had hoped, I recommend that you consider the two tales of woe that follow:

Police in Fort Myers, Florida, said Jonathon Guabello, 29, was angry because his girlfriend had the nerve to deny him sex after they came home from the bar. Doing what any reasonable man of action would do, he left the room, shot himself twice in the arm, fell, and hit his head on a kitchen appliance, knocking himself out.

In Anderson Township, Ohio, another frustrated lover, angry that his girlfriend kept falling asleep during sex, retaliated, according to police, by attempting to set fire to her van. And please take a long moment to savor the delicious fact that the 46-year-old man’s name is Gregory Smallwood.

See, don’t you feel better now? Stories courtesy of News of the WEIRD, one of those sites that never fails to deliver a laugh.

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