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Weekend Roundup: Racing Snail Edition

Who needs a Luck Dragon when you can get a Racing Snail?

Who needs a Luck Dragon when you can get a Racing Snail?

Welcome to the weekend! Here are a few things to browse while enjoying your down time.

  • Great news for fans of The Neverending Story, we seem to be one step closer to getting our own racing snails! I first caught the story about Florida and their Giant African Snail problem over on CNN. If you’re looking to collect the complete set of oversized critters available, Nadia Drake at Wired has a nice gallery up of all the possibilities.
  • James Plafke at Geek.com has the scoop on what will surely be this year’s must have stocking stuffer. Fundawear is remote-controlled vibrating underwear for long distance couples. With the help of a smartphone app, people wearing the underwear can not only turn on vibration from across the internet, but also control the vibration’s level of intensity, and dictate the vibration’s travel patterns. You know Grandma will want two sets.

Have a great weekend!

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